Different types of uPVC Windows

Modern uPVC Windows will play a momentous role in making your house into a beautiful home. With the huge amount of window styles available, you may find it difficult to choose the correct looking window. UPVC windows are also available in a wide range of shapes; square, octagonal, rectangular or even triangular. Your visitor’s first impression will be of your windows, we therefore need to get this right. We have formulated information which will assist you on planning the correct window for your home. Whether you live in a Victorian or contemporary our advice on uPVC windows will be the most applicable.

Our full range of window designs offers a window style for every home. Our specially designed windows offer a unique characters to every home. Homeowners are faced to decide which uPVC window will offer them that special constituent. Deciding between bay windows to flush windows, pivot windows to bi-fold windows, the opportunities are unending. We can assist you on chosen any kind of style which will meet the requirements of your home.

uPVC Window Types

Casement Windows

The casement window is a good choice as it allows maximum light into your room. Casement windows offers style and elegance, while offering slim sight lights, exploiting the amount of light, ensuring your room feels large and airy.

Casement windows are often chosen as they are practice, energy efficient, also reliable due to their window mechanism. Casement windows are available in a variety of styles such as ‘side hung, top hung or vertically sliding.

Tilt and Turn Windows

The tilt & turn windows are ideal for maximising fresh air into your room. The tilt & turn windows allows you to open the window fully to allow the summer air to enter, while completely shutting prevents any cold winter chills from entering your home. The tilt and turn windows allows easy access for cleaning your windows, these windows can be easily scrubbed either side ensuring the safest method of cleaning.

The tilt and turn windows are available in A rating, ensuring the best quality energy efficient windows, keeping your home warm, lowering those un wanted heating bills.

Tilt and turn windows provide that modern touch to any home. Tilt and turn windows are extremely practical offering security and energy efficiency.

Flush sash windows

UPVC Flush sash windows are the double glazing latest development, offering the saneness of traditional windows combined with the 21st century look.

Whether you’re living in a modern townhouse or an old fashioned country cottage, flush sash windows will look good. We also offer a foiling facility to ensure these flush sash windows look like traditional timber.

Flush sash windows are ideal when you want the advantages of uPVC windows, while maintaining a more traditional look to a more modern home.

Sash horn windows

Sash horn windows are designed with high weather resistance properties, also security features. Sash horn windows have integrated horns and security which provides an ideal choice to any home.

Sash horns offer a more traditional look, offering period homes charm and elegance. These sash homes are ideal if you are trying to maintain the traditional look within a period home, or whether you wish to provide an authentic look to a modern home.

Pivot Windows

The pivot windows has a 180 fully rotating pane, making this window the easiest window to clean from the inside. The pivot window is an ideal window when access from outside is limited. If your window is above a conservatory, or whether you’re living in a multi-storey flat, the pivot window will allow easy cleaning.

The pivot windows are extremely popular for office building, apartments, town houses, flats, these pivot windows are extremely practical but stylish. These pivot windows are suited for modern-day homes maximising light, while maintaining practicality and style, these pivot windows are a great choice.

Bay and bow windows

Bay windows flood the light straight into your room. These bay windows offer an illusion of increased space and depth into your room. If you’re looking to provide a look of more space but don’t want to go through the hassle of building work, then our affordable bay windows are the perfect choice for you.

There is a difference between bay windows and bow windows. The bay window has angular lines and flat panes considered more for a modern home, whilst the bow window has semi-circular outer structure, ideal for the period type home – particularly Victorian type homes.

Bi-fold windows

Bi-fold windows are a modern type window which allows the maximum of light to enter your room via a window area, whilst allowing a slender wide opening window. These bi-fold windows are ideal if you enjoy views with no restrictions, bi-fold windows are ideal for conservatories and orangeries. These bi-folding windows provide a unique, quaint view, perfect for those beautiful views of the country garden.

Bi-fold windows have slim sightlines, which propels the light into your home. These stylish bi-fold windows complement both modern and traditional properties. Bi-fold windows are available in either a sculptured decorative finish or chamfered option idyllic for a more fashionable finish.

Bi-fold windows are extremely popular within the commercial sector such as; café shop or restaurants. Giving the customers a fantastic view while exploiting light and air into the shop.


We hope this information may have highlighted the importance of chosen the correct window style. For more information and guidance then please contact our double glazing company for assistance. We will not only guide you on the best uPVC windows to suit your home, but will provide the best quality windows to suit your budget and requirements.