Why buy Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

There is no other place than your own home. However, when your home no longer feels comfortable or secure, even draughty and cold, then it will no longer feel homely.
The main reason why properties feel such coldness is normally due to poor windows and doors. Draughts are normally caused due to under-performing windows and doors reducing the energy efficiency in your Peterborough home. As this heat is lost via your uPVC windows and doors, money is lost also.

Replacement windows and doors

Not only does old windows and doors make your home look bad, but these uPVC windows must be to a good condition to work correctly. Double glazing is responsible for viewing, allowing light into your room, ventilation to your property, you’re doors provide an opening to your home. As well as warmth and installation issues, old windows and doors can also expose you to other issues such as; ventilation problems, insect infections and security complications.

If you find any of the following problems alongside draughts and security issues, then you must consider replacement windows and doors.

Replacement Door due to structure weakness

Does light beam through the bottom or top of your door? Has your door shrank?

If so then it’s time for replacement doors. Your door might be shrinking due to the door materials being decomposed. This will allow external weather elements such as snow and water into your home. The holes and gaps especially at the bottom of your door will also encourage insects entering your home.

Pest infection via your windows and doors

If you discover pests entering your home then this might be a signal that you require replacement windows and doors. Pests often enter properties through gaps on the doors or windows, they feed on building materials.

Faulty windows and doors

Consider replacement windows and doors if you experience supplementary problems which far expert the usual during opening and closing them. This normally indicates that these windows and doors are worn out.

How do faulty windows and doors affect heating bills?

If you experienced any of the issues listed above, then it is highly likely that your windows and doors will be creating a massive impact on your heating bills. Those gaps and holes in your windows and doors will be letting in draughts and even pests, heat is also released which is costing you money. As you heat is lost, your room will feel colder therefore requiring the heating to be turned up. The heating system will be working harder to attempt to regulate your home temperature, as this heat is lost through these gaps.

Replacement windows and doors will be a valuable investment. Though at first it will be pricey, but over long term your home and wallet will benefit from it.

We can provide brand new double glazing delivering draught-proof uPVC windows and doors. Our double glazing will ensure that your energy consumption is reduced while maintaining your home temperature. With less heating required due to better insulation, then your energy bills will be much lower, saving you lots.

How to choose an uPVC Window

When choosing an uPVC window, you must look out for the R-vales. These R-vales indicate the thermal reflection of a given structure. Those uPVC windows with a higher R-value, will provide better insulation. We highly recommend windows of a higher R-value as these uPVC windows will; be well insulated, temperature regulated and sound proof, making your home a lot more comfortable to live in.

Those homes with windows and doors with an R-vale within the range of 3-5 will not provide any insulation factors. These poor values are common within single paned windows and doors with poor frames. For an uPVC window with maximum rate, then you must purchase modern replacement double glazing or triple glazing, with R-values of above 5. UPVC windows are critical for energy preservation, it is strongly recommended that your windows are triple glazed. Double glazed windows are extremely good and recommended, however triple glazing provide R-vales of 7 to 9.

Double Glazing Summary

Windows and doors are an essential part of your home’s aesthetics. Modern uPVC windows, boost your Peterborough home’s appearance, while maintaining insulation and temperature regulation. Double glazed windows and doors will keep your home insulated, your home a lot warmer, while reducing your energy bills.