Creating a Grand Entrance with a New Composite Front Door

The front of your home is not just the first thing that people will see, it also sets the tone showing your personality within your Spalding property. Firstly, a composite door is important as an initial impression, it will also reflect your home’s architecture and your personal style. Secondly, these stunning composite front doors will stand out as a testament, welcoming warmth and security to your home.

Throughout this blog we will explore the importance of selecting the right composite door including the substantial impact they have on your home. We will also guide you into creating that enviable grand entrance into your Spalding property.

Why Consider Composite Doors?

When searching through the internet looking for entrance doors the choice is huge. However, you will find that the composite doors emerge as one of the top contenders when looking for replacement door. This is due their robust blend of materials. Combining a wooden core interior with glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). This mixture does not only mirror the timeless essence of a traditional timber door, but heightens their durability and insulation performance.

Bespoke Doors

We offer a vast range of composite doors which will enhance the look of any Spalding property. All composite doors can be customised including the selection of doors style, glass type, frame and door colour, not forgetting the tailored furniture such as handles, bars, knocker / spyholes and letter boxes.

Impact of Upgrading Your Door

Upgrading your front door will completely transform the appearance of your home. A replacement composite front door is the perfect investment whilst enhancing the kerb appeal of your Spalding home. The benefits extend beyond significantly boosting your heating’s retention and security. But contributes to long-term gains such as increasing the value of your Spalding property.

If you have still not decided whether to replace your front door or live with the state of your current one. Then we encourage you to read through our insights on the signs that it is time for a replacement door.

DIY vs. Professional Door Installation

We have many Spalding customers contacting us asking if there is potential savings by installing their front door themselves as a DIY project. Though there is a possible short-term saving, there are also risks associated with incorrect installation. These include water damage to air leaks, door incorrectly closing, not forgetting voiding the manufacturers guarantee.

Incorrectly installing your door will not only compromise your home’s structure, but home security as well! When opting for a professional door installation from a company such as Peterborough Doors, we will ensure that your door is installed correctly, maintaining your door warranty and also home security.


Deciding on a new front door is a venture that demands careful consideration. Its about comparing and balancing aesthetics, energy efficiency, security, not forgetting kerb appeal.

If you have any further questions regarding any of our doors, we are happy to guide you through selecting the right entrance door for your home.