Composite Doors Spalding

Replacing your door for a new composite door will enhance the appearance of your home in Spalding. A composite door will not only make your Spalding home look stunning, but will provide a statement of character to your property.

Offering a huge variety of composite front and back doors. All composite doors are available in a selection of colours and styles. Combined with an array of different furniture features, we are sure that your Spalding house will look modern and sophisticated.

Composite front doors are available with matching side panels. These panels will magnify extra light into your home. Side panels are available either in composite or uPVC. With a selection of glass whether it to be clear, obscured or decorative glazing. Every door is available with either a door lever, Pull Bar or handle. Combined with a stunning letter box, door knocker, spyhole and door number. Regardless of what style composite door you select, you can easily personise your own front door to be unique to your Spalding home.

With a massive selection of composite doors, we guarantee that we have the perfect one for your home in Spalding. Regardless if you are looking for a traditional style door or a modern type composite door. We are also sure that we will have the perfect colour and door style for your home in Spalding.

All doors are installed with advanced safety multi-point locking mechanism as standard. This will guarantee your Spalding home is secure and protected.


Composite Front Doors Spalding

If you are looking for a replacement front door for your Spalding property, then we have the perfect one for you. These Universal Composite front doors do not only look magnificent, but they are extremely robust too! Our composite front doors are ideal for anyone look for an upgrade to the Spalding area.

These doors are durable and tremendously secure. With high quality door insulation, these composite front doors will keep your home safe, secure and warm!

All of our composite doors are manufactured with GRP which is a very strong material. Combining all of the best door materials makes these front doors resilient against general wear and tear.

Composite back doors Spalding

Home security is a top priority for homeowners in Spalding! This is why composite back doors have become increasingly popular in the Spalding area. As burglaries often occur through back doors, it’s wise to ensure your back door is as secure as your front door. At Peterborough Doors, we offer a fantastic, durable range of composite back doors designed to provide this much-needed security.

Our composite back doors boast the same robust security features as our composite front doors. A replacement composite back door will ensure your Spalding property is equipped to deter intruders. Alongside strength and durability, our composite back doors offer an appealing aesthetic that will enhance the look and style of any Spalding home.

By choosing one of our replacement composite back doors, you can confidently enjoy the benefits of a door that ticks all the right boxes. These composite back doors provide security, resilience, and style.


Door Colour Range

All composite doors are available in a huge selection of colours and designs. With a variety of different thresholds and frames styles, makes the choice unbeatable! With over 12 different types of frame colour ranging from white to anthracite, we even offer a woodgrain effect which will complement a wood appearance.

All of our composite doors are bespoke designed. The configuration is selected by you this includes handles and hardware. We guarantee that you will be the talk of Spalding!

Best Priced Composite Door in Spalding

We do not only offer the best selection of composite doors in Spalding, but the best price to! Our aim is to sell and install high quality doors at the most affordable price!