Conservatory Manufacture Peterborough

How to Clean Your Conservatory

Conservatory Manufacture PeterboroughWhite uPVC Conservatory Frames

  • Frames are washed with soap and water solution (washing up liquid will do), this removes and avoids the build-up of grime and natural deposits.
  • UPVC liquid cleaner can be obtained for stubborn stains. Once sprayed and cleaned you can buff to shine this uPVC frame up
  • Always avoid solvent based solutions, always avoid damaging the sealant.

Conservatory Manufacture PeterboroughColoured uPVC Conservatory Frames

  • Wood grain foiled frames can be cleaned using a soapy water solution.
  • Always avoid cleaning fluid and solvent based cleaning solutions.

Conservatory Manufacture PeterboroughColoured Foiled uPVC Conservatory Frames

  • Soapy water solution to clean the wood grain foiled frames.
  • Always avoid cleaning fluid or solvent based cleaners.

Conservatory Manufacture PeterboroughPolycarbonate Glazing Conservatory Roof

  • Only use a soap and water solution to clean wood grain foiled frames.
  • Never use cleaning fluid or solvent based products.

Conservatory Manufacture PeterboroughConservatory Hardware and Furnature

  • Only clean with soapy water solution.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners as these can damage the uPVC and working parts.
  • Mechanical moving parts should be lubricated. Hinges and locks will benefit from a small application of light oil once a year.

Conservatory Manufacture PeterboroughCleaning the Conservatory Guttering

  • Remove any debris from the guttering by standing on a ladder.
  • To unblock the guttering a plumbers snake can be used to dislodge the obstruction, ensure you do not force the obstruction down the drain

Conservatory Manufacture PeterboroughSelf-Cleaning Conservatory Glass Roof

  • Avoid abrasive or solvent solutions on the external side of the double glazing roof surface, as this risks that the self-cleaning roof properties could be affected.
  • There is no need for regular cleaning, however if there is a build-up on the coated surface, this can be hosed down then the conservatory glass roof should be left to dry naturally.
  • Any stubborn marks should be firstly hosed down then wiped over with soapy water using a soft none scratch cloth, then rinsed.