Buying a Conservatory

Conservatories are extremely popular throughout Peterborough, East Anglia. Sitting in your conservatory on a comfortable chair watching TV or reading a good book on a nice summer’s day, could never be so perfect. The warmth from the conservatory provides a more of a Mediterranean feeling, with the sun beating down on you, with the conservatory removing the coldness of the wind. So if you plan to buy a conservatory for this summer, make sure you read this guide then contact to speak to our Peterborough sales team. As it’s extremely important to know what to consider when looking for a conservatory and the different types of conservatories available.

The Purpose of a Conservatory

If you are thinking of buying a conservatory the first thing you need to think about is what will be the purpose of this UPVC Conservatory. Will this conservatory be used as an extra room, garden room, or a pet room? Each of these reasons best suite different types of our conservatories.
For example, a conservatory used for plants and pets could probably be added onto the house with an entrance through an existing doorway. For a conservatory to use only during the warm summers days, then you could have a simple design conservatory, however you will need to think about the impact to room temperature it could have on the rest of your home. As a conservatory to be used as an extra living room, or a room expansion, this requires a lot more thought including size, type of roofing, whether or not you require reflective glass or lightweight tiled roofing.

Types of Conservatory

There are various types and mixtures of conservatories to choose from, or you could move onto orangeries (which is a total new area). So here are the most popular types of conservatories and some information on each conservatory.

The Mediterranean (Lean-To) Conservatory

very simple in structure and design. It has a lean-to effect while maintaining a slender look. This Lean-to conservatory is ideal for those on a budget or those gardens which are very small.

Victorian and Edwardian conservatories

both these conservatories are very similar in style. The Victorian conservatory has a bay front with a pitched roof, it has also an opulently designed roof ridge. The Edwardian conservatory is very similar but has a flat front and is rectangular in shape.

Lantern conservatory

Sstunning glass “lantern” roof, supported by firm solid structures. These conservatories are magnificent to look at proposing a fantastic aesthetical appearance. These are ideal for home gyms or swimming pools.

The Gable conservatory

This conservatory has a totally different roof design compared to the other conservatory designs. The roof does not slope back to the centre, instead remains upright into a large triangular shape, producing a bigger sense of height and overall size.

T-Shaped and P-Shaped conservatories

These conservatories are designed to blend in with your home. These are idea if you require your conservatory as an extension of living space.


When ordering a new conservatory is extremely exciting, especially when you intend to spend the summer with family and friends. Conservatories are a great place to spend in those warm summer days, hold parties, or for somewhere to relax and unwind. So take time to decide which conservatory would best suite your home and budget, we can ensure we have the perfect conservatory for you.