Benefits of upgrading your door to Composite

There are many reasons why we recommend upgrading to a composite door. We have put together 7 reasons why we think it is worth investing in a composite front door.

Peterborough Doors is constantly replacing doors throughout Stamford to upgraded composite doors, as many Stamford homeowners are now understanding the benefits of these doors. However, many people still don’t recognise the advantages therefore overlook replacing their exciting door. So if you are considering replacing your door but not sure about the benefits of the composite doors then please continue reading this blog for more details.

Composite doors will lower your heating bills

One of the main reasons to upgrade your door is for energy efficiency. If you door currently suffers from draughts, cold spots or even annoying breeze coming through the sides, then it may be time to upgrade. As these signs are associated with an out-dated door, it is now time for an upgrade! No one likes the cold winds getting into their Stamford home especially via their doors. A brand new composite door will guarantee an improvement in home installation. Composite doors are manufactured to keep your home warm during the winter months. All of our composite doors are fitted with modern draught strips and weather seals. This will prevent rattling and water leaking into your home. This will aid these insulated doors to keep your Stamford home nice and warm, whilst reducing your energy bills.

When the winter weather kicks in and the cold strikes, most Stamford homeowners require to turn up there heating. This is mostly due to inefficient insulation of your doors and windows. The heat you are gaining by putting on your heating bills is being lost via unsealed doors, not forgetting draughts entering your property. By upgrading your door to one of our modern energy efficient composite doors, will stop all of this in an instance. You will find that you will not be tempted to keep knocking up that heating dial, so you will definitely notice this on your energy bills.

A composite will increase your home’s value

When it comes to home improvements there is no better way of financially increasing the value of your Stamford home than purchasing a modern composite door! Most home buyers are looking for a modern, attractive property, but having an old worn-out door could immediately put off a potential buyer. An upgraded composite door will not only draw potential buyers into your home. But it will also provide that impression of sophistication to your neighbours and friends. The first impression of you and your home is that front door! Why not purchase one of our composite doors to provide that statement of quality! You will also find that you are the talk of your street, due to this stylish composite door that everyone is talking about.

Composite doors have advanced security features

Burglaries are on the increase throughout Stamford, so a brand new composite door will add that extra home security. According to resent research, over 70% of burglars break into a property via the front or back doors. Intruders are breaking into a property every 10 seconds around the UK. So let us make it simple for you. If you replace your front and back door with one of our state of the art composite doors. This will provide that additional home security which allows to reduce the probability of your home being next on the list. If you have an old unsafe door, then this is extremely attractive to burglars.

All of our composite doors are installed with multi-point locking mechanisms with high security cylinders. Not forgetting high security door frames with reinforced door panels providing an outstanding defence against intruders. You owe it to yourself and family, upgrade your door today!

Modernise your Stamford Homes

When we ask our Stamford customers for the main reason why they purchased a new composite door from us, 9 out of 10 people will say it’s to rejuvenate the look of their home. When you have lived in your home for years, most people get sick of walking through that old, warn-out door. By replacing this ancient boring door with a trendy door, will refresh the overall appearance of your home. Our composite doors are modern, stylish and will completely transform the look and feel of your Stamford property.

Composite doors are an outstanding investment

All of our doors we sell whether it’s a patio doors, French doors, bi-folding doors, they are manufactured to last for decades. Our doors are extremely cost effective and are manufactured with the latest modern high quality materials. The GRP outer layer is constructed to reduce weathering to the doors preventing chipping, peeling and bubbling. These composite doors are designed using a mixture of steel, fibreglass and wood, ensuring that they will last a lifetime. Not like traditional wooden doors which don’t have these additional materials therefore require painting and maintenance. This is why we only provide modern doors with additional weathering proofing, as these doors are worthwhile investment for the future.

Huge range of Composite Door choices

A door that is fitted to your home when you first purchase it, does not normally reflect your character, style or personality. However, by investing in a new composite door with us, you can actually create your very-own door and features using our door designer.

Whether you are looking for a modern grey door, or even something less subtle and simple like a 2 panel 2 square, we have hundreds of designs to suite your taste. From a range of grained whites to Chartwell Green, we have endless configurations including handles, knocks and glass options, which can match any inspirations. We also offer high-tech keyless entry locks for those who like their technology gadgets. These keyless locks are also extremely popular to those who individuals that keep losing their keys.

Composite doors will reduce outside noise

There is nothing worse than sitting in the house and listening to the noise in the street via your door. By replacing your door with one of our composite doors, will considerably reduce the noise pollution via your door. Our composite doors are extremely insulated which don’t just keep us warming, but reduce noise ambience. Even our glass is double glazed, manufactured to buffer that unwanted noise entering your Stamford property.

Time to upgrade your door!

We are extremely passionate about our doors this is why we are Peterborough and Stamford’s leading door supplier for composite doors. This is why we guarantee that you will only receive exceptional service and quality of doors. As we have clearly explained the benefits of upgrading your doors to one of our affordable composite doors. Contact us today, without a delay!