7 Signs indicating that it’s time to change your windows

Have you are ever wondering whether you need replacement windows, or not? A complete home makeover replacing all of the windows can be a huge investment, so it would be sensible to choose the correct double glazing company.

If you are aware that your windows are at least 20 years old, then it might be time to start looking for the tell-tale signs that you might need to replace your windows.

Signs that you need to replace your windows

Still have single pane windows

If your home was built before 1970 and you still have the original windows, then you will probably still have single pane windows. All modern glazing whether we are talking uPVC windows or aluminium windows, they all come as double glazed or triple glazed windows. Single pane windows do not meet the building regulations for our modern properties as they are sub-standard, draughty and if fitted with putty could be unsafe.

Single glazing are extremely bad for reflecting UV rays from entering a property, which can seriously fade colours such as living room furniture. Modern double glazed windows are designed with low E glass which helps to reduce most of the UVB light which minimises heat loss whilst keeping a home cool during the summer months. To completely eliminate UVA rays then try laminated and tinted uPVC windows.

Windows are damaged, warped or even broken

Occasionally we can repair a window instead of replacing it however, this is usually for minor repairs such weather-stripping or even hardware such as locks and handles. But if your window is experiencing warping or your window glazing or profile is broken then replacement windows is a must. Even if your window still operates functionally, with these issue to either the window or frame then problems will develop. Other signs will be condensation build up from the inside of the window or even additional draughts.

Reducing energy bills  

During the winter months windows play an important part of heat retention as they allow sunlight to enter a property. However, windows which are draughty can easily increase your energy bills between 10% – 25%. Therefore by replacing your double glazing with energy efficient uPVC windows can reduce these high heating bills whilst keeping your home cooler in the summer. As an additional bonus: if you decide to sell your home in the near future, those replacement uPVC windows could be used as a huge selling point, especially if someone is trying choose between two properties.

However, don’t assume that all double glazing are the same. It is extremely important to choose a double glazing company that will consider your specific needs including style of your property. Not forgetting budget and quality of glazing.

Hearing outside noise too clearly

UPVC windows can be considered noisy for two main reasons. Firstly as you open and close the windows they make lots of unwanted noise. Secondly, the outside noise is gradually getting louder via the windows when closed.

Double glazing plays many purpose one of which is to keep unwanted noises from entering your property. If you can hear the outside noise quite clearly when your windows are fully shut, then there is a good chance that your windows were not correctly fitted and may require replacing.

Renovating a historic / Period home

If you have previously moved into a historic property which has replacement uPVC windows which just don’t suit the homes historic charm, then there is a good chance that you have the wrong windows fitted. By fitting the wrong window design to a property can completely change the historical look of a property, which could easily de-value that home.

If you are looking to install double glazing which will accurately replace your existing windows whilst maintaining is chronological look, then contact Peterborough Doors and Windows. All of our windows are customised and made to measure to match your existing ones. We can quite easily design an uPVC window to preserve the ancient features of your property.

Your windows are becoming difficult to open and close

UPVC windows should open and close quite easily. If you have found that you require to put up a fight to open your window on a nice summer’s day then you may need to change your windows.

If your window is not closing property, then the window locks may not be engaging correctly. Your windows will therefore not be secure from intruders there putting your family and valuables to risk.

If the windows are not closing not only will it not be secure but draught will enter your home whilst warm air will escape. As mentioned earlier this could easily increase your heating bills substantially. If this is the case then you need to replace your windows.

Do you ever find that you need to prop an object into the window to prevent it from shutting or opening too far in the window? If so this could be really dangerous especially if you have small children. Windows which are not working correctly especially as emergency exists need to be replaced immediately. Broken or damaged window mechanisms could cause confusion or even brake fingers if they need to be used in an emergency.

Your old windows don’t have modern safety features

Building regulations have changed substantially over the last few decades. Your current windows could quite easily not have these safety features fitted as they were not required 10 to 20 years ago. A perfect example would be the glass itself. Previously glass was able to shatter into millions of small and sharp pieces. If a child previously through something into a window. Your window would completely shatter and become dangerous. Windows are now safety broken which is far safer than previous glazing.

These are just a few signs to indicate when it may be necessary to change your windows. If any of these apply to your property, then please consider replacement windows from Peterborough Doors.