What is a Warm Roof Conservatory?

A warm roof conservatory is manufactured to be lightweight, warm and very robust. This means that if you are looking for a conservatory roof replacement then a warm roof is ideal for you.

There are several styles and varieties of warm roof conservatories on the market, with attractive hard wearing tiles with insulated ceilings, not forgetting stunning down lights too. With the increased insulation in the walls and ceiling makes this more of an extension rather than a conservatory.

When replacing your old conservatory roof for a warm roof, we would recommend changing your windows and doors as well. This is because majority of old conservatories will not have thermally broken double glazing windows. Thermally broken windows and doors are high quality sealed units with warm edge bars.

Do I need Planning Permission and Building Regulations for a Warm Roof Conservatory?

Most new build conservatories with either a warm roof, tiled, or even glazed roof will not require planning permission. Conservatories come under ‘permitted development’ however there are some conditions regarding size, pitch and roof tile type and colour.

Building regulations will always apply if you are building an extension but not necessary for a conservatory. A conservatory must be separated from the existing house via walls or windows or an external door. Conservatories must have their own independent heating system such as underfloor heating. If you have boiler heating system then the conservatory must have a separate on/off switch and control temperature system.

Another condition is the material used for the exterior work (other than the materials used making the construction of the conservatory) must be similar to the appearance of the existing roof.

If these things are not in place then the conservatory will be classified as an extension and building regulations will need to be applied for. Even if everything have been adhered to, the conservatory must still be built in lines with building regulations such as windows, doors, glazing, electrical work such as plug sockets and light fittings.

Can you install a warm roof to an old conservatory?

The answer is YES, you can certainly install a new warm roof to your conservatory. We will be able to remove your old conservatory roof, using your existing frames we can add your new tiled roof.

Do you need new windows and doors when replacing conservatory roof?

Replacing your conservatory roof for a tiled roof will enhance the overall energy efficiency of the conservatory. However, if your windows and doors are very old and not very efficient, then we recommend changing these as well. You will then receive the full benefits of your new conservatory tiled roof.

What are the benefits of a warm roof conservatory?

We can install a replacement warm roof to your conservatory in just a few days. This means a minimum disruption to your daily life and routine. By installing a replacement warm roof to your conservatory, will allow you to use the conservatory in the winter whilst saving on your energy bills too.

Warm roof conservatories will keep the conservatory warm in the winter whilst cool in the summer. The tiles will match your existing house tiles. Warm roof conservatories are more like a house extension than a conservatory as they are very energy efficient, which will completely transform your home.