What are the main benefits of Double Glazing?

There are many benefits for choosing double glazing over standard windows. Throughout this blog we will explain some of these as they will assist you when it comes to choosing replacement windows for your Peterborough property.

When it comes comfort in your home, double glazed windows are the ideal solution. With a thicker layers of glazing, heat is preserved which helps with eliminating draughts too. One of the major advantages of double glazing is the energy efficiency that it creates. Energy efficient double glazed windows will reduce the owner’s energy bills, especially during the winter period when the heating is on more.

Reduces Energy Bills

One of the biggest bills that home owners will receive during the winter months is the energy bills. Many Peterborough properties still have standard glazed windows rather than double glazing. Standard windows will allow heat to escape whilst allowing the cold air to enter the property. Double glazed windows however have two thicker layers of glass with an argon filled gap between these layers. This eradicates heat leaving via the window, prevents cold air entering the building, while increasing the overall thermal efficiency of your home.

Double glazed windows will keep your home cooler in summer

There is a common misapprehension that double glazing windows will make your home hotter during the summer months. Many people believe this is true as double glazed windows works in this way during the winter months. Double glazing actually insulates your property against both types of temperatures.  Creating a barrier between the inside and outside of the property ensures maximum comfort regardless of the weather.

Triple glazed windows however according to research will make your home warmer during the summer months. We always recommend double glazed windows for all year comfort, except for properties that have reduced sunlight where we would recommend triple glazing instead.

Additional Security

One of the main questions that our Peterborough customers ask is the safety and security of double glazed windows. Security is now a main key feature when choosing replacement windows as homeowners are always considering the safety and security of their family members and pets.

The traditional single glazed windows are far less secure when it comes to home security. Insurance companies often penalize homeowners for single glazed windows as they are much easier to brake than the double glazed units.

Reduces Condensation

Single glazed windows often forms condensation which will freeze during winter periods. This is will make the home feel much colder. You may also notice that the window sills will be stained due to excess water running over them from the inside of windows. However, purchasing double glazed windows from Peterborough Windows and Doors, will block out the moisture (especially during the winter weather), therefore reducing condensation build up.

Noise Reduction

Double glazing provides an effective barrier which significantly reduces noise entering into a property via the windows. For those Peterborough homeowners which live near busy roads or street, we recommend either double or triple glazing. Triple glazing offers an additional layer of glazing which proposes an even better sound proofing barrier. Additionally to the prevention of sound coming into your home, both double glazing and triple glazing will stop you being heard from the outside also. This provides maximum privacy especially for those with noisy households.

Low Maintenance

Double glazed windows are extremely low maintenance as they only require an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth. Both uPVC and aluminium do not require repainting like traditional timber windows. UPVC and aluminium will not warp, discolour or even crack like wooden window frames.

Increase Your Property Value

Many homeowners are not sure whether forking out a lot of money on home improvements will be worth it in the long run or not. Well, the answer is YES, by replacing your windows with some modern double glazed windows will add much value to your property as it will make your property much easier to sell. This is also enhanced if you are replacing your front door and back door too.

When it comes to enriched natural light into your home, this will also make your home more appealing to any potential buyer.

Long Lasting Windows

Our double glazed windows have an outstanding 10 year guarantee. With the correct maintenance will keep your windows looking brand new and perform for many years after.