Replacement double glazing will make your home look better!

Replacement double glazing has many benefits, but one of the best is that it improves the appearance of your home.

There are many reasons why you should consider replacement double glazing. One of the main motivations is that replacement double glazing will change the appearance of any home. Therefore, by replacing your glazing will help improve its general aesthetics making your home stand out from the rest. Therefore, your property value will also increase with new windows.  For instance, when selling your home, replacement double glazing will definitely make it more appealing to the potential buyer. The purchaser will see how much better it looks compared to its competitors, increasing the opportunity to sell fast.

Noise Reduction

Are you looking to keep the outside world from affecting what goes on inside your home—and vice versa! By replacing your windows can help to eliminate your children’s noise whilst they are playing in their back garden.  New windows will also help to keep unwanted disturbances such as cars, buses or even general outside chit-chat from entering your home. Are you looking to reduce outside levels? If the answer is yes, then replacement double glazing might just be right up your street!

Make your home look modern and stylish

New double glazing will guarantee to make your house look more modern and stylish. Additionally, with modern double glazing, you can have sleek window frame that helps create a stylish look for your home.

The appearance of your home will look much better with replacement double glazing! Not only will it change the appearance but its a great investment too! It is very important to choose a company that you can trust such as Peterborough Doors. We will be able to install your windows and doors correctly providing a real kerb appeal.

Choosing the right double glazing company

Choose Peterborough Doors, you’re getting more than just double glazing—you’re getting peace of mind. Our team of window and door fitters are highly trained professionals. Your windows and doors will be surveyed ensuring that your new windows will fit perfectly into your existing structure.

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What Is Double Glazing?

The term double glazing is also known as double-pane glazing or dual glazing. Replacement double glazing, is a method of increasing the energy efficiency of your home by replacing single panes of glass with two panes of glass separated by a small spacer. The purpose is to improve the insulation properties of the window by reducing heat transfer and sound transmission.

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How does your double-glazing impact the aesthetics of your home?

To change the overall appearance of a property double glazing is an easy way. It doesn’t have to be a big, expensive process—it can be as simple as replacing old windows for new ones!

There are many different styles of glazing, from classic casement white windows to more modern finishes like black Flush windows. If you’re considering replacing your old windows with double-glazed units, it’s worth thinking about how they’ll look in your home. You will also need to consider what style will work best with your overall aesthetic. You may want something classic or modern; whatever you choose, remember that window frames need to match the style of their surroundings so they don’t stand out too much or clash with other elements.

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Can glazing make a room feel bigger?

Glazing can do more than just improve the appearance of your home: it can also help make rooms feel bigger by providing more-light and openness through windows. This will allow more natural light without sacrificing privacy. Double-glazed units provide insulation against the outside noise pollution so that you can enjoy peace and quiet inside.

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Is replacement double glazing only about improving the look of your home?

Not only does glazing make your home look more attractive, it also improves its energy efficiency. Double-glazed windows are up to 20 times more efficient than single-paned windows. The right glazing can save you money on your energy bills while still looking great!

The different types of Glazing

Single glazing

Single glazed windows are the most basic form of window construction, and it consists of a single pane of glass. This type of window is usually used in areas where there is less direct sunlight, such as bathrooms or bedrooms. It’s also a good option for homes that do not have much natural light.

These single glazed windows are also ideal for places where you don’t want to deal with condensation building up on your windows during the winter months. When it comes to since single glazing they do not have an insulated layer between the two panes of glass, it’s better suited for climates where it doesn’t get very cold outside during the winter months. In the United Kingdom roughly 5% of homes have singles glazed windows!

Double Glazing

Double-glazed windows are more energy efficient than single-glazed windows. This is due to having two panes of glass separated by an insulating gas filled space called an air cavity. This makes them great for reducing noise from outside sources like traffic or wind storms. However, they can be more expensive than single options due to their increased insulation value compared with single glazed windows.

Triple Glazing

Triple-glazed windows are pretty much exactly what they sound like: three panes of glass separated by an insulating gas filled space called an air cavity.

The right glazing can have a huge impact on your home, so it’s important to take the time to choose the best option for you.

Choosing the right type of glazing

The right glazing can have a huge impression on your home, so it’s important to take the time to choose the best option for you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Energy efficiency.

The type of glazing you choose will affect how much energy your windows let in or block out. If you want to save money on heating or cooling costs, make sure you get the right type for your climate and location.

– Noise reduction.

If you live near a busy road or other area with lots of traffic noise, soundproofing may be a factor that you need to consider. You can also look into acoustic glazing if you’re concerned about the noise and wish to eliminate as much noise as possible.

– Privacy.

Do you want people outside your home to be able to see inside? Or do you prefer a more private feel? When choosing between semi-transparent and opaque glazing options, consider what kind of look is most appealing to you and whether it meets any security needs as well.

– Consider Your Style.

Are you looking for something sleek and modern? Or do you want something more traditional? If you’re not sure what style would work best with the rest of your decor, take some time to consider what kind of look you want. Once you establish the general look you are aiming for, then look at the different style options to give you that look.


As you can see, your home’s windows and glazing can have a huge impact on its appearance. You should take the time to make sure your windows are properly maintained and replaced if necessary. If you need help with selecting replacement windows, contact us today!

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