Integral Blinds for Double Glazing, Patio doors and Bi-folding Doors

Integral blinds have been increasing popular within Peterborough Stamford and Cambridgeshire, due the benefits that they offer. These blinds are sealed within two panes of glass, so they will never need to be cleaned, as they are fully protected from dust and outside elements. They are also extremely effective of blocking out direct sunlight. As these integral blinds are sealed they cannot be touched, which makes them the best solution, when looking for blinds for bi-folding doors and patio doors.

Integral Blinds for Bi-fold and Patio Doors

Over the recent few years bi-folding doors and patio doors have become extremely common. Whenever anyone is looking to enhance their living space, purchase a conservatory, or just want to increase light and view into their home, then they always opt for either bi-folding doors or patio doors. As these doors have large glass areas, light capacity is enhanced due to these extremely large window panes. The bi-folding doors when opened and closed, move in a concertina, as these doors are fully opened, any other form of window blinds would be crushed, other than integral blinds. The Patio doors however, slide past one-another. The space between these two patio doors are not suffice to place windows blinds other than integrated blinds.

Curtains to be used for patio and bi-fold doors have become very unpopular as curtains shut out all light when closed, they are also extremely awkward with large size areas, arduous to clean, also susceptible to accidental damage by children or pets.

Integral blinds for bi-folding and patio doors, provide great privacy while protecting your room from the summer sun. As these blinds are fully contained within the double glazed unit, this allows them to maintain fully clean and maintenance free. In regards to bi-folding doors and patio doors, the integrated blinds will not interfere with the operation of either doors, while opening or closing.

Integral Blinds for Conservatories

Conservatories are manufactured using mostly double glazing and a glass conservatory roof. As most of the area is made from glass, regardless of which type of double glazed windows you chose, it will still remain a sun trap. Integral blinds remains the greatest solution for blocking out unwanted sun rise from either a conservatory, orangery or a sunroom.

Integral blinds comprise of aluminium blinds within a sealed double glazed unit. They are operated by two magnetic strips, one which opens and closes these blinds, while other raises and lowers them. These window blinds are perfectly suitable for all vertical elements of a conservatory, sunroom or orangery, such as doors and windows.

The other great thing about these integrated blinds is that the window frames do not require any drilling into, not like other window blinds. These window blinds are made to measure while obtaining your double glazed windows. So why bother going through the ordeal of purchasing your windows and doors then looking for blinds, while our window blinds will fit and look the part. You can purchase these blinds in various colours to best suit your décor and do not cost the earth.