How to choose the right composite door

When looking to purchase a new composite front door, there are so many styles and configurations to choose from.  From door styles to colours and finishes, there are so many configurations which does not make it easy to choose from. However, putting this a-side, there is more than just the look of a composite doors to consider, for instance how is the composite door actually made?

Quality of Composite Doors

When comparing composite door prices and finding a great deal, this is great. However, there are so many cheap alternative composite doors on the market, it is extremely important to ensure that you are not just getting a bargain, but getting a quality composite door as well!

Composite Door Security

When it comes to cheap composite doors, one of the main hidden factors which make these doors cheap, is the locking mechanism. There is no point in changing your front door to a composite door with a poor locking system. This totally defeats the object and will make your home unsafe. Your home security is extremely important and should not be compromised when trying to save a few pounds. We only install high quality Yale or Ultion locking mechanisms, as cheap alternatives could be easily broken into quite easily. To ensure peace of mind and extra home security, always ensure that you have at least a 3* security rating.

Composite Door Construction

The actual makeup of the composite door is extremely important. With strength and energy efficiency in mind, makes this thee ideal quality front door.

Composite doors are manufactured combining a selected range of materials including a solid timber core, GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and uPVC, just to mention a few. Each material is specially selected due to their unique properties. Which are then fused together providing the ultimate door on the market. Whilst the uPVC door is primary made from plastic, these composite doors are manufactured from a combination of material which are glued together under a high pressure condition.

The composite door was invented to combat the problems of the previous single material uPVC door. Specific material were selected to provide robustness and counteract any difficulties. Composite doors offer the prefect investment as they provide robustness, toughness against any weather condition, not for getting sturdiness against every days nocks and bangs.

The composite doors has additional security that the uPVC cannot offer. This additional security makes the composite door worth that little extra in cost, as it offers that peace of mind knowing that your family will be safe in their own home.

The composite doors can be easily tailored and designed to best suit your taste. You can easily tailor your door using our door designer by changing the colour including woodgrain effects, to even amending the textures and finishes. You can completely bespoke your composite door to show off your personality. These composite doors offer extremely low maintenance, whilst maintaining their stunning colour and beauty for many years to come.

What is a GRP door? (Glass reinforced Plastic).

GRP is short for glass reinforced plastic, which is a fibre reinforced polymer made from a plastic matrix. Fine fibres of glass are used to reinforce the material, offering an extremely lightweight but vigorous material. GRP is very flexible in nature, which can be easily moulded into a large number of door designs offering that perfect finish to any composite door.

GRP doors offer that traditional wooden look and feel however without the maintenance that wood brings. There is no requirement to restain your front door every year like the wooden front door. Our composite doors offer an outstanding life span of over 10 years, maintaining that durable finish that allows your door to look brand new all of the time.

How good are the Composite Doors for insulation?

Our composite doors are manufactured with over 17 engineered timber laminates. The GRP skin is placed on the outer layer. These composite doors will offer an excellent thermal efficiency to any property or home. Composite doors offer the best heat retention for any front doors, achieving a very impressive energy rating. This will assist in lowing heating bills and reducing the carbon footprint.

The composite door will retain the heat within the room providing a longer warmer environment. This will make your house feel much warmer and cosier, whilst keeping out unwanted rain, moistures, regardless of the weather condition.

How much are Composite Doors?

Composite doors have become increasingly popular over the last 10 years or so. This has therefore reduced the manufacturing cost for composite doors bringing the door price to an extremely affordable price. Before the revolution of composite doors we had timber, PVC or aluminium doors. Each of these three materials offered limited styles and finishes, so when the composite door was revolved, the choices and styles become endless.

So when it comes to the cost of a composite door, there are so many variations to consider to the cost

First – the quality of the composite door. There are so many manufactures out there with different variations of insulation and materials. Some door manufacturers use a CFC – free insulating polyurethane (PU) foam. Whilst others offer a laminated hardwood core which can be considerably more expensive than the foam.

Secondly – door style – manufacturing many different door styles can be quite expensive. Therefore door styles which are more popular are usually discounted as it will be cheaper to manufacture.

Third – colour option – white and black are commonly the cheapest colour option as doors are generally manufactured in these two colours. Bounding other colours can slightly increase the overall charge, however adding a dual colour can increase the price substantially.

Four – glazing options – clear double glazing will have only a small charge, but by adding either triple glazing or coloured leaded glazed panels can increase the fee by quite a lot.

Five – additional accessories – there are a huge choice of different types and styles of handles, knockers, spyholes, knockers with spyholes and letter-boxes to choice from. Each item will have a small additional charge.

Six – locking mechanisms – all of our composite doors come with a multi-point locking mechanism as standard. However we do offer upgrades which will slightly increase the overall charge.

Seven – choice of Company – it is an extremely competitive market and we aim to be one of the most competitive double glazing companies in Peterborough. Don’t just look at the price, make sure you check out the company’s reputation as well. There are many companies out there who will offer a cheap deal, but will they come back to fix any issues after the insulation is complete? Will they offer a full 10 year guarantee on their doors? Will there doors actually last 10 years?

Nine – Show rooms and marketing – many double glazing companies spend an absolute fortune on marketing and shows rooms. These double glazing companies will tend to charge a slight premium to pay for these accessories.

So when you consider all of these variations you may understand why it is extremely difficult to predict an actual price. This is why we always ask a customer to use our door designer. Once you have designed your very own unique door, an email will be sent to our customer service centre. We will then provide an acute price subject to survey. This ensures that you are paying the correct price for the correct door.