Choosing the right uPVC Window for your home

Buying the right uPVC windows for your home can be extremely difficult as there are many different types of windows and profiles, buying a cheaper uPVC window might haunt you for many years later.

There are many things to consider when choosing an uPVC window, does the colour match my home, the number of openings, uPVC window style, the security of the window. There are also many window profiles, whether you require Double Glazing, or Triple Glazing.

Victorian properties are normally built with timber windows or sash windows, replacing these casement windows with an incorrect uPVC window could ruin the character of this Victorian property. We offer quality uPVC windows that look extremely similar to those timber windows, with run through horns, Astragal Georgian bars, these maintain the authentic period look while providing a modern double glazing window.

Replacement timber box sash windows is another consideration, these can be either double glazed, or triple glazed, while installed with traditional “pulley” system, or a modern spiral spring system.

Your current window design

uPVC windows come in many shapes and sizes, they generally follow the subsequent description:

uPVC Casement Windows

These uPVC windows are the most common windows within Peterborough, East Anglia. These uPVC windows can be either side or top hung. These uPVC windows have small top openings (fanlights), these double glazed windows offer better security during ventilation as these windows do not require to be opened during this process.

Flush Casement uPVC Windows

These uPVC casement windows remain flush to the frame when closed. These uPVC windows are available with or without fanlights. Fanlights are excellent for ventilation however some people prefer these windows without them. Dummy vents are also an option which provides an equal lines of glass.

Sliding Sash uPVC Windows

These uPVC windows are more popular to the Victorian style home, but are generally less expensive than wide windows.

Tilt & Turn uPVC Windows

These uPVC windows open then tilt inwards. These uPVC windows operate like casement windows and are extremely popular in Europe. These windows are popular for homes with external fixtures such as shutters, as these windows open inwards.

uPVC Georgian Windows

Our modern Georgian window is designed with aluminium bars within the double glazed windows, which makes cleaning a lot easier. The astragal bar provides an attractive Georgian window appearance. These astragal bars divide these uPVC windows into multiple panes, producing a traditional timber look of multiple panes.