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A Warm Roof for a conservatory is extremely lightweight, manufactured to be robust whilst offering a warm alternative to glass or polycarbonate roofs. A conservatory warm roof is designed to replace your existing roof regardless of the design and conservatory design.

The Warm Roof has tiles on the outside (to match your current home), plastered ceiling on the inside, whilst fully thermally insulated in the middle. As your conservatory will be highly insulated, which will then feel for like an extension rather than a conservatory.

Benefits of a Warm Roof Conservatory

By converting a disused conservatory with either a polycarbonate or glass roof to a fully insulated warm roof will offer an all year round functional room that you can enjoy.

There are three main benefits that Leka Warm Roofs have over the common issues that occur with both glass conservatory roofs and Polycarbonate:

Warm Roof Conservatories Peterborough

Regulated Temperature

One of the key reasons for a Warm Roof is because your conservatory is too cold in the winter and far too warm in the summer. Glass and Polycarbonate roofs are not very insulated materials as they both offer poor thermal performance. During winter periods heat will transfer through both glass and polycarbonate leaving your conservatory feeling cold.

The Leka Warm Roof has a U-value of 0.15 keeping your conservatory nice and warm during the winter. Warm air gets trapped during the winter whilst the solid construction prevents the green-house effect during the summer. Our Warm Roofs eliminates draughts, cold spots allowing your conservatory to be fully functional all year round.

Warm Roof Conservatories Peterborough

Prevents Glare

Another common problem with both the glass and polycarbonate conservatory roof is the glare. During the summer months the glare can get unbearable which does not occur with the Warm Roof. Regardless of what you install whether its window film, blinds or even shutters, these are only a temporary fix and cannot be a long term solution.

Our Warm Roof however prevents the sun glaze from enter your conservatory via the roof. However, if you do require additional light via your conservatory roof, this can be achieved with Velux windows which can even be remote controlled if required.

Warm Roof Conservatories Peterborough

Matching house tiles

One of the main benefits of our Warm Roof conservatory is that it actually matches your home. Our Warm Roofs have a tiled finish that match your current house tiles, ensuring that your conservatory look like an additional extension. These conservatory roof tiles are extremely robust, they are actually even stronger than the standard roof tile.

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