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Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows With shorter winter evenings and the cold chill settling in the air, we explain in this blog how energy efficient windows can easily cut down those high heating bills whilst keeping your home warm and snug throughout the Christmas period. Replacement windows could reduce your heating bills! As you will be

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How to improve the look of your home with replacement windows

How to improve the look of your home with replacement windows Replacement windows can change the overall look of any home aesthetically, especially when dramatic changes are required when removing old warn out double or single glazing. Replacement windows can easily change the appearance of your home inside and outside. Many people consider changing

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How secure are your windows?

How secure are your windows? Installing secure double glazed windows to your home is extremely important for two main reasons. Firstly the frames and locks must be resilient to protect your home from unwanted quests. Quality locks and window frames can significantly reduce the threat from intruders. Secondly, by installing windows with opening restrictions,

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What is a Flush Casement Windows?

What is a Flush Casement Windows? Choosing the correct type of double glazed windows is no doubt extremely important as windows play one of the most imperative parts of any home. Double glazing not only provides us with adequate ventilation and natural light, but choosing a beautiful window profile can enrich the aesthetics of

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Which double glazed windows are the best, uPVC or aluminium?

Which double glazed windows are the best, uPVC or aluminium? Double glazing is one of the most important decoration for any home or commercial building. They do not just improve the overall look of your building, but provide an instant barrier against external elements to. Both uPVC windows and Aluminium windows are available in

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Top Double Glazing Ideas

Top Double Glazing Ideas Over the last couple of years double glazing trends have emerged. With many new television programs advertising home improvements. The nation has went wild on how they can improve their property with the latest double glazing developments. We have therefore put together five of the hottest double glazing tendencies that