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Composite Doors Stamford

We offer a huge range of composite doors which will look stunning in any home in Stamford. From Composite Front Doors, Composite back doors to composite stable doors, these are available in a wide range of styles and finishes, colours and styles available within the Stamford area.

Our composite front doors are also available with matching side panel (side light) which allows more light into your home. All composite doors are available with decorative glazing options, various types of door handles, letterboxes and door knockers. We also offer a composite door designer, so you really personise your front door with your own style.

Composite doors are also available in a range of traditional stable door designs for those country style homes in Stamford. We also offer colour matching, so we can match your composite doors with your existing UPVC Windows.

Your Stamford home will always be safe and secure as all our composite doors are fitted with advanced safety features.

Composite Doors Materials

These Composite Doors are designed using a combination of materials including UPVC, wood, insulating foam and GRP (glass reinforced plastic). A composite front door provides a traditional appearance while maintaining a very strong and secure door.


Composite Front Doors Stamford

By purchasing a composite front door will brighten up the look of any Stamford property. These replacement composite front doors will provide a statement to your neighbours especially from our range of contemporary furniture which will enhance the look of any boring entrance into a bright, fashionable feature look.

We also offer modern Long Bars and handles, or choose from one of our modern square door suites, or even the elegant Bow Handle option, the possibilities are unlimited.