Platinum Collection uPVC Front Doors

The Platinum uPVC Door Collection features our exclusive commissioned Triple Glazed Designs.

These our top quality uPVC Doors with brilliantly cut deep glass bevels set with traditional decorative lead work with every joint soldered then hand finished. Each frame has a specially chosen engraved background which is enclosed within two sheets of crystal clear glass. These panels allow you the chance to establish your unique individual statement of style and taste about you and you’re home.

The triple glazed Platinum Collection uPVC Doors are the decisive in style and look spectacular in every home. They are extremely practical, insulating your home against the weather and noise. The dazzling cut glass bevels lustre with quality even more when they are set using traditional decorative leadwork in a stain platinum finish.

These stunning door panels offer the perceptive homeowner a real opportunity to make a unique statement of their individual taste and style.