Patio Doors Stamford

We offer a huge range of uPVC Patio doors and Aluminum patio doors to homes throughout Stamford. These patio doors allow maximum natural light into your room via the large glass slim sightlines. One of the main advantages of the patio doors is that the two doors slide past one another rather than swinging inwards or outwards. The smooth sliding action allows maximum space without any compromise on space. These patio doors are extremely easy to operate which offer seamless motion and access to the garden via one sliding door.

Our patio doors are available in uPVC or aluminum, manufactured in a beautiful design. Our patio doors are available in a huge range of colours. These include classy White to Golden Oak. We can even bespoke your colour theme allowing a different colour inside to outside. Whatever you have in mind we can match that design and even your existing Stamford property.

What is a Patio Door?

Often referred to as sliding doors, our Patio Doors are designed as grand glass windows that give easy access to your garden or patio. The benefit? A large opening that lets in plenty of fresh air and floods your home with beautiful, natural light.

External Patio Doors

Our standard Patio Doors typically feature two sectional panels – one is fixed and the other is mobile. We even offer wall-sized patio doors that consist of multiple movable panels. These can glide into wall pockets, completely disappearing to offer a seamless connection between your indoor space and outdoor surroundings.

Door Glass

When it comes to the glass in your patio doors, you can choose either externally or internally fitted options. Opting for internally fitted glass enhances the door’s security. Every pane in our patio doors is double or triple glazed, meeting energy conservation requirements and serving as an effective barrier against noise.


Quality is paramount; thus, we use top-grade UPVC when manufacturing our patio doors, ensuring they stay fresh and free of discoloration.

Our streamlined, modern patio doors are perfect for any Peterborough home seeking a space-friendly solution. Available in 2, 3, or 4 leaf options, these doors combine safety and security, with the added bonus of bathing your rooms in natural light.

Understanding our Stamford customers’ varied tastes, we provide the broadest range of 20 solid colours and woodgrain finishes. With an array of different decorative foils and trims, we can assure you. We have the ideal Patio Door to match your home’s aesthetic. At Peterborough Doors, we’re all about transforming houses into dream homes.