Solid Roof Conservatories Peterborough

Would like either a new conservatory or replace your existing conservatory roof, whilst creating an ever lasting impression? Then why not choose our stylish and insulated solid conservatory roofs.

These solid conservatory roof are designed to provide flexibility whist opting for a combination of a solid conservatory roof with seamlessly glazed roof inserts. Our conservatory solid roof system can be formulated into virtually any roof shape or style. With the use of our glazing panel, these can be installed anywhere on the roof to allow maximum light, ensure that you have the perfect bespoke conservatory solid roof.

Our solid conservatory roofing system is the most advanced replacement roof on the market. With a realistic and beautiful tiled finish, not forgetting a huge range of external options, including capping and facia boards, your Peterborough conservatory will look stunning. On the inside we can configure the ceiling to combine spotlights or even speakers. In the apex we even have the option to have a flat panel with downlights or hanging lights whatever your choice.

These solid conservatories are the ideal solution when you wish to extend your living space, whilst generating the impeccable congruence to your Peterborough home.

These solid roof conservatories offer that stunning vaulted ceiling within the inside, we also offer a great variety of tiles to match your home from the outside too. These solid roof conservatories are also extremely thermally efficient too. They perform if not exceed the capability of the traditional roof extension, however much faster to install.

Our solid conservatory roofs are not like many replacement conservatory roofs on the market. They have been designed and tested to create that perfect living space whilst offering supreme energy efficiency.

Solid Roof Conservatory that Refines Roof Replacements

Our solid conservatory roofs are manufactured from the best of British roof engineering. These solid conservatory roofs are extremely exceptional which are far superior to other roofing manufacturers. Both externally and internally you will see that they are an outstanding design, making the perfect all year round conservatory.

Whether you have a new build or a more traditional property, these solid roof conservatories will supplement your Peterborough home. This insulated roofing system can be plastered directly to the ceiling, therefore speeding up insulation time. The plastering can easily be painted reflecting the light and space creating tranquillity to your room.

Our solid conservatory roofs will complement either stone or brick conservatories. Or if you are looking for a new conservatory design, why not opt for the Loggia conservatory. With its exceptional insulated columns or beautiful aluminium posts, why not purchase a conservatory of your dreams.

With an option of either tiles or slate solid conservatory roof, why not make your extension a seamless creation, blending perfectly into your Peterborough home.

Thermally Insulated Solid Conservatory Roof

As mentioned earlier our solid conservatory roofs provides the utter most best in thermal efficiency. With its unique design produces superior insulated performance meeting or even exceeding those traditional style roofs. This ensures that your extension will remain warm throughout the winter whilst staying cool in the summer months.

As these beautiful solid roofs are extremely light but durable. Ensuring that when complemented with our double glazed windows and bi-fold doors, no additional support from lintels are required .This not only reduces cost compared to traditional roof conservatories, but saves time too. Our conservatory tiled roof is far faster to install that contemporary roofing systems. Not forgetting design flexibility whilst offering floods of natural light.

If you opt for our roof windows, this will bring daylight into your extension, making your home feel larger, brighter and homely.