Energy efficient doorsAll of the doors supplied and fitted by Peterborough-Doors exceed the current Building Regulations for energy efficiency, which came into force in October 2010, which covered front doors for the first time. Under these legislation, all new doors sold and fitted in England and Wales must have a U-value of 1.8W/m2K (1.6W/m2K in Scotland) or less. U-value is a measure of its energy efficiency, and the lower the U-value, the more energy efficient the door.

Choosing thermal door glass from Peterborough-Doors makes them even more energy efficient, with an ultimate U-value of just 1 W/m2K.

This 1.8 U-value has been a requirement for windows for some years, but is now applied to doors, although most manufacturers do not provide proof. In fact, manufacturers of doors made of timber, aluminium or PVC panels are likely to find it difficult to even meet the 2010 Building Regulations, let alone the upcoming legislation in 2013 and 2016, in which we can expect further energy efficiency revisions.