Livinroof Conservatory Peterborough

Why not let the light in and open up your space with a Livinroof conservatory!

Glass panels can be inserted to exchange any of the grey roofing panels maximising the light into your conservatory. Regardless of the size or shaped roof panels these glass panels can maximise the light providing a more of a contemporary designed conservatory which cannot be achieved with other conservatory roofs.

The inside of this Livinroof conservatory is as stunning as the outside. This conservatory has been manufactured to allow a magnificent vaulted ceiling whilst delivering an internal pelmet within the perimeter of the ceiling, this allows spot lights and speakers to be installed. Within the ridge of the conservatory roof lights can also be hung here otherwise.

This conservatory offer the look and style of an orangery however without the complications and price that goes with an orangery.

Most flexibly conservatory on the market

The Livinroof conservatory can be manufactured to conform to any shape or style building. This conservatory can be installed with a minimum of 5° pitch, so can be adaptable for any style home. We can even insert the glazing anywhere you choose, not forgetting any shape too. This allows light to be focused on areas of the conservatory roof that is needed most.

The Livinroof conservatory has been designed incorporating a combination of some of the most marketing leading strategies. This ensures that the Livinroof conservatory remains of the most configurable conservatories on the market.

Benefits of a Livinroof Conservatory

Why not bring your roofline to life with an amazing decorative cornice. With four astonishing styles, each designed to hide away you’re guttering while performing shape and character to your house, extension or conservatory.

The Livinroof conservatory is far quicker to assemble when compared to other solid roof conservatories. Every aspect of this conservatory is prefabricated which means that you will have a bespoke conservatory which will not require any cutting onsite or wasted materials.

The thermal insulation of this conservatory is outstanding. Using a combination of an insulated pelmet with exterior insulated panel, will ensure that your conservatory will remain warm in the winter and cool in the summer months. You could even achieve an unbelievable U-value of 0.16.

Three Main Reasons for Choosing This Livinroof Conservatory

A Fully Adaptable Replacement Conservatory Roof

This conservatory roof can be designed to fit near enough any shape. Shaped glazing can also be inserted focusing light into the areas of the room that require them most. No other conservatory roof on the market is as adaptable of this conservatory roof. The pitch of the roof can be altered between 5° to 40.9°, which is adaptability at its best! This means that it is perfect for those customers which require a low pitched conservatory or even a high pitched Lean-to conservatory.

Fire Tested Conservatory

When purchasing a replacement conservatory roof one thing that you should be considering is how it will protect you and your family on the unlikely-hood of a fire. This is why the Livinroof conservatory has undergone extensive fire testing ensuring that it will meet Building Regulations. This conservatory roof passed all fire testing in 2017.

Compliant and Structurally Sound Conservatory

The Livinroof conservatory has the strength and robustness to tolerate any extreme weather condition. Every Livinroof conservatory will be designed using special software that will incorporate your postcode. The conservatory will then be designed and manufactured anticipating winds and snow loads based on your local area.
By opting for a Livinroof conservatory there will no need to worry about planning permission. As the roof only weighs 36km2 (far lighter than its nearest competitors), which means that it will have much less weight and pressure applied onto its frames. This ensures that you will be less likely to undergo compliance issues!