Composite Doors Alconbury

At Peterborough Doors, we offer an outstanding selection of composite doors throughout Alconbury.

We understand that your Alconbury home’s entrance is more than just a door. This is why our composite door provides a statement of your style. Not forgetting the first line of defence against the elements and unwelcome guests.

All of our composite doors are fully fitted with high security systems. Such as toughened Pilkington glass, multi-point locking mechanism as standard. That is why we offer high quality but affordable selection of composite doors in Alconbury.  All of our composite doors are bespoke designed providing you with peace of mind. Boasting unparalleled durability, exceptional energy efficiency, and breathtaking styles.


Composite Front Doors Alconbury

Give your Alconbury home a facelift with a replacement composite front door! Our range of high-quality composite front doors offers the perfect blend of style, durability, and energy efficiency.

Complement the style of your composite front door by contemporary furniture suites which will transform a boring front entrance into a real fantastic looking feature.

Choose from the Long Bar handle suite, the ultra-modern square suite, the elegant Bow Handle suite, or the timeless Classic suite.

Composite Back Doors Alconbury

It might surprise you, but back doors are a common entry point for intruders. Back doors offer an intruder the perfect cover when breaking an entrance. So, this indicates a replacement back door is even more important when improving your Alconbury home’s overall security.

Choosing to replace your back door with one of range of composite back doors seems to be the perfect option to keep your family safe from intruders!


Why Choose Composite Doors from Peterborough Doors?

Composite doors combine the beauty of wood with the durability of synthetic materials, offering a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing option for your Alconbury home. Why our composite doors stand out:

  • Durability: Resistant to weathering, fading, and warping, our composite doors maintain their elegant look and strength for years.
  • Security: Fitted with high-security locking mechanisms, our doors keep your Alconbury home safe.
  • Energy Efficiency: Excellent insulation properties which means that our doors will help to keep your Alconbury home comfortable year-round. This will also help to reduce your heating costs.
  • Customisation: Choose from an array of colours, designs, and finishes to match your unique style.

Our Range of Composite Doors

Peterborough Doors is proud to offer a diverse selection of composite doors, including:

  • Classic Composite Entrance Doors: Traditional designs that never go out of style, built to last.
  • Contemporary Composite Doors: Modern and sleek options for a sophisticated entrance.
  • Composite Stable Doors: Versatile, split-opening doors for a charming, country feel.

Materials & Customisation Options:
Our doors are crafted from a blend of materials including GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), wood, and insulating foam, offering robustness and thermal efficiency. Customisation is at the heart of our service! Choose from a wide range of colours, glass options, and hardware finishes to create your perfect composite door.

The Installation Process

Our skilled door fitters will handle every aspect of your composite door installation with precision and care. Ensuring a seamless door installation with minimal disruption to your daily routine. From the initial consultation and measurement to the final inspection, Peterborough Doors guarantees a hassle-free experience and exemplary customer service.