Composite Doors Brampton

Why not provide a statement into your Brampton home with one of our stunning composite doors. We offer an outstanding range of both modern and contemporary composite doors throughout Brampton. As your door is the first line in defence against intruders, so its ever more important to purchase a high-quality composite door for your Brampton home.

Every composite door will be fitted with a high security locking mechanism. They will also have toughened glass as standard. All of our composite doors are very affordable, but do not compromise on security. Our composite doors are bespoke design so we guarantee that you can design a stunning composite door that best suits your home and personality.

These composite doors provide unparallel durability, outstanding energy efficiency, not forgetting breathtaking door styles.


Composite Front Doors Brampton

 Why not give your Brampton home a make over with a stylish composite front door. All of our composite front doors are not only stylish, but durable also energy efficient too!

Enhance the look of your bespoke composite front door with our contemporary furniture suites. This stunning furniture can transform any boring looking door into a spectacular trendy looking door.

Choose from the Long Bar handle suite, the ultra-modern square suite, the elegant Bow Handle suite, or the timeless Classic suite.

Composite Back Doors Brampton

As it is mostly common for intruders to break into a property via the back door, then it is necessary to have a secure back door. Back doors are often out of sight allowing additional unseen time for burglars to get through the door.

So, we would recommend a replacement composite back door for your Brampton home to prevent unwanted guests. These composite back doors are equipped with high security locking mechanisms. Also, toughened glass ensuring your glass in the door is safe from entry.

If you are looking to keep your Brampton home safe from intruders, then we would always recommend a replacement composite back door!


Why Choose Composite Doors from Peterborough Doors?


Weather in the UK can be unforgiving, but our composite doors stand up to the elements. They resist the stresses of weathering, fading, and warping, ensuring your door remains as untouched as the day it was installed.


We know your loved ones and possessions are precious. That’s why all of our doors come fitted with high-security locking mechanisms as standard.

Energy Efficiency:

Our composite doors are manufactured with high grade insulation. Energy efficient composite doors will keep your home warm in the winter whilst cooler in the summer months.


All of our composite front and back doors are bespoke design including door colour, door finish type i.e flush or farmhouse or Monza. Personalisation options allows you to design a door that is distinctly you, from the colour palette to the door handles and class styles.

Our Range of Composite Doors

Classic Composite Entrance Doors:

Built with for traditional style properties however with modern technology. These doors offer timeless appeal without compromising on longevity.

Contemporary Composite Doors:

For those with a taste for the modern, our contemporary doors blend sleek, spectacular designs with the robustness you need in today’s environment.

Composite Stable Doors:

Inject a dash of rustic charm with doors that give you the flexibility of a split-opening. These composite stable doors allow the top half to be opened with the convenience of the bottom half of the door closed.

Materials & Customisation Options

Crafted with a core of insulating foam, wood, and a skin of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), our doors provide robustness and durability. With an extensive lineup of colours, glass options, and hardware finishes, the doors we craft are truly bespoke to your preferences.

The Door Installation Process

Our professional door fitters are the finest in Brampton. Your door installation with run with precision and a level of care. From the first measure to the final inspection, we ensure the process is smooth, swift, and entirely to your convenience.


Your Brampton home deserves a door from Peterborough Doors — a commitment to quality, protection, and impeccable design. With one of our composite doors, you will not be just choosing a new entrance door; you will also be elevating your Brampton home as well!